or KES 300 / 3$ per week
  • P.O.S Sales
  • Stocks & Inventory
  • Purchases
  • C.R.M (credit sales & invoicing)
  • Finance

Supports 1 computer


or KES 500 / 5$ per week
  • P.O.S Sales
  • Stocks & Inventory
  • Purchases
  • C.R.M (credit sales & invoicing)
  • Finance

Supports upto 3 computers

Platform Features

The following features are available on all plans of Managex

Inventory Management

Add and track inventory items, track stock with barcodes, manage stock levels & reorder points, add supplier accounts, receive stock and track supplier balances, payments & statements

Order Management

Take customer orders, credit/invoice sales, accept payments, generate discounts, view daily sales summary, sales per product reports, discount reports, sales per person and payments per day reports


Process customer payments easily including cash, mobile payments, credit cards, PDQ receipts and bank transfers all within Managex.

C.R.M Tools

Add and manage customer accounts, credit/debit payments to customer accounts, track recurring invoices, debtor balances, client statements and aged debts


Generate invoices and track payments, log expenses and link to accounts, generate balance sheets, cash flow reports, view recurring income/expenses reports, register assets and their value, manage vendor and customer accounts

Analytics & Insights

Realtime visibility into key performance indicators, view reports for operations, sales and accounting, make data driven decisions

Learning material

Inbuilt guides and illustration videos available for all features of the system every step of the way to help you utilize it to the fullest

Administrative operations

Register unlimited staff accounts, manage their rights, assign roles accordingly and be in the loop about their actions via the user action logs.

Superior Support

Get up and running quickly with built-in training resources. Ongoing support is available should you get stuck anywhere and to help maximize your use of Managex.

Video Illustrations

Walkthroughs of managex features in action

Other Products


Hotelex is a point of sale software solution designed for restaurants/clubs/lounges to streamline operations and boost profitability. Whether you're looking to improve sales accuracy, track inventory more efficiently or gain better insight into your sales data, Hotelex has you covered.

Point of sale

Manage retail operations from orders to billing to payments and everything in between such as handling returns and shifts, get comprehensive reports on sales, returns and payments.

Inventory Management

Keep track of stocks from delivery to issuing to sales via Hotelex' innovative store items integration and costing techniques. Get accurate reports on stock movement per item and stock balances.

Finance and Accounting

360 degree view of your business finances accross all other modules (such as P.O.S and stocks). The system jounals all transactions automatically to their respective accounts crediting and debiting them as should be.

Rooms and Accomodation

Hotelex provides features to facilitate the business of rooms and accomodation e.g rooms register and reservation, check-ins, invoicing, guest accounts management and payment processing.


Keep track of staff pay with hotelex payroll module which comes bundled with features that consider staff basic pay, benefits and deductions. Generate printouts such as Nssf Returns, Nhif Returns, Paye Monthly Returns, Master Roll and Payslips.

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